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You get unlimited access to free membership content while we build this information website for your enjoyment. Once the website is near completion, we will be offering different levels of membership, including Producer Level, Contributor Level, Content Creator Level, and Platinum Membership levels.

Current Price: Free! – The website will remain FREE for use for all information. Only selected pages, and content will be available for paid memberships.

Link the following image to go to the Registration Page if you want your visitors to be able to create a free membership account:

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You can register for a Free Membership or pay for one of the following membership options

General Membership – Access to all information about the attractions, restaurants within, Message Boards, and more. This level of membership is, and will always be free.

Contributor Membership – $12.00 per year – Includes all of the above, plus hot of the press information, available before general membership. Personalized membership card. More benefit’s to be announced.

Producer Membership – $50.00 per year – Includes all of the above, plus any discounts that become available to us, as well as media passes and hard hat tours as they become available to us. 

Platinum Membership = $ >$50.00 per year. This membership helps us to maintain all of our annual passes, plus assists with upkeep and maintenance of the website. Your membership will include any extra’s that we receive from our parks. First dibs on any park passes, parking passes, special events and more.

** All levels are subject to change when we  are closer to completion of the first phase of the website build **